Final panel in the Laius sequence

The last panel in the Laius sequence has hit; here’s laius10, Thursday the Oedipus sequence begins. It’s kind of a big deal.

Art for the Oedipus sequence is ongoing, but I have the whole sequence mapped out so it should go smoothly. Because don’t things just always?


Here is the new panel, Laius08, in which Oedipus makes his first appearance. So, that’s significant.

I have the art for the Oedipus sequence already begun. In fact, I just finished inking the scene where Oedipus kills Laius’ guards. Not sure upon which number in the sequence that panel will fall just yet as I’ve been jumping around a bit, but I’ll figure that out soon enough.


Here’s laius02, we are now twenty percent done with the Laius sequence. Things will get more exciting soon I promise.

The art for the remaining eight panels for the Laius sequence is done, as are the first three panels for the Oedipus sequence. So we’ll have no delays for the rest of January, and part-ways into February. Take that as a forecast of sorts if you’d like.

The 2012 NCAA football season came to a close this week much as predicted. Notre Dame got stomped out pretty thoroughly. I guess that’ll teach them to bring a leprechaun to an elephant fight.

Start of the Laius Sequence

A new sequence starts today, the first panel of the Laius sequence is right here. This sequence will run ten panels, then we’ll get finally into the myth of Oedipus, which is the more famous myth in the House of Thebes.

Also the Crimson Tide plays Notre Dame for the BCS National Championship tonight. Roll Tide, y’all.

Last Panel in Niobe Sequence!

Here is niobe18, last panel in the Niobe sequence. Look forward to the Laius panel, starting next week!

Happy New Years Eve! Here’s Niobe17

Happy New Years Eve! Here is niobe17, the penultimate panel in the Niobe sequence. The finally panel in the sequence will fall Thursday, so be sure to check back then!

So this is the end of 2012, I have written my last check that should be dated 2012, though I am confident that I have not kicked the habit of writing “2012″ on checks so easily. My resolution for the new year is to stay on top of this website more and have no delays with content. Here’s to a productive 2013!


So here is niobe16 in which Niobe mourns the death of her family. Only two more panels left in the Niobe sequence, then we are onto Laius.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and/or Hanukkah and acquired heaping mounds of well-deserved loot. Have a safe a responsible New Years, or at least make your irresponsible behavior memorable so that others may learn from your shortcomings. Cheers!

Niobe10 has dropped

Okay, computer problems are plaguing me… I may need a new laptop. My black 13″ MacBook has served me well for six years, but it is finally going… the screen has gotten fuzzy and I fear for it’s continued well-being. I hope to replace it soon. Meanwhile, here is the new panel.

Niobe06- Accidental Infanticide

It’s late in the day, but here’s the new panel. We are now a third of the way through the Niobe sequence, and with only one dead child we are… significantly less than a third of the way through the total body count. The last act promises to be especially bloody!

So I have finished the art for 10 of the next 12 panels, so all of the rest of the panels in the sequence should post with no more such delays. Keep an eye out, and remember you can subscribe in your RSS feed using the button to the left!

Amphion & Zethus 18

Monday panel has been posted. And in other news I recently went and got myself a Twitter and decided to post myth page updates to that. So if you are on the Twitterscape and aren’t quite following everyone on earth yet, consider @AbbotHenderson.